Duct Leakage Testing in Aiken & Graniteville, SC

A duct leakage tester is a diagnostic tool designed to measure the air tightness of forced air heating, ventilation, and air-conditioning (HVAC) ductwork. A duct leakage tester consists of a calibrated fan for measuring an air flow rate and a pressure sensing device to measure the pressure created by the fan flow. An estimated 20-30% of air leaks out of ducts that have not been professionally sealed.

Exhaust Fan Flow testing: Bathrooms can be a significant contributor to moisture in your home. Exhaust fans should have a minimum flow of 50 cubic feet per minute (CFM). Bathrooms without sufficient exhaust fan flow may developed mold or other moisture related issues. We will test your equipment to determine adequate airflow and that the fan is correctly vented to the exterior of the house.