What is an Energy Audit?

A home energy audit is essentially a way to determine which steps you can take to make your home energy efficient. The older your house is the more likely you are to benefit from an energy audit. We use a blower door test to determine the amount of air leakage in the home. Did you know that if your house is you may require mechanical ventilation for healthier indoor air quality? If your house has too many air leaks it will allow pollen and insects to get in and your conditioned air to escape which costs you money! 

Using a thermal imaging camera is an easy way to locate areas of the house that are poorly insulated. The picture on the left is a vaulted living room ceiling. The light color on the wall is where the insulation in the attic has fallen down. I would recommend placing the batt insulation back in place and installing a 1" thick foam board over the insulation to prevent it from falling as well as adding an air barrier. The R-value would increase from R-13 to R-19.

The middle picture shows the hot air through the attic pull-down staircase into the living space. There are several products that are easy to install that will insulate and air seal the staircase and reduce the amount of conditioned air escaping into the attic. The picture on the right was taken in the bonus room above the garage. The batt insulation has again fallen from its original placement. I would recommend the same solution for this area that I gave for the first picture.